Who is a Home Inspector?

A Home inspector is a professional who checks the condition of a house, but also is a qualified technician in the sector.
What does qualified mean? In NeedHouseHelp our technicians are collegiate architects because we not only check the condition of a house in search of any hidden defect, but they also advise you on all technical questions that you will ask us.
Perhaps you are looking for a house in the coast of Spain maybe Andalucia or Valencia. It has a very good price, however, you have seen some cracks in a wall (which has happened to us) or you are not sure the legal status of the house.
In NeedHouseHelp our architects do a complete home inspection report specifying if these cracks are structural of finishing and if them are a possible danger to the home and its occupants.

The aforementioned is very important because anyone with basic knowledge of installations or even a builder can advise you. However, our differential value is that our home inspection reports are signed by collegiate architects who are in Spain the only technicians who can assess serious structural problems, cracks or applicable urban regulations. In additions, we check the house´s legal status. It´s essential if you are going to buy a house in Spain.

Home inspectors have arrived in Spain!

The figure of “Home inspector” is well known in other countries such as the United States or United Kingdom. NeedHouseHelp´s inspectors have come to Spain to stick around. Buying a house in Spain is a great investment. For this reason, our service is intended to help buyers for offering qualified advice on the condition of their future house. What´s more, in the home inspection report we financially assess the repairs if they are any of them.
After buying your house in Spain, you hace in advance an external estimate of market cost.

Los inspectores de las viviendas

In summary, our Home Inspectors in Spain help you make the best decision when you are buying a property in Spain. We advice you on distribution changes, choising energy efficiency improvements or any doubt you have.

If you are thinking in buying a property in Spain and you need our services, you can schedule your inspection here or also contact us and we will solve any doubts that may arise.